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Property and Wills Claims

We have wide experience in dealing with a variety of claims and disputes relating to issues concerning property.

Property disputes can involve the following issues:-

  • Disputes over the beneficial ownership of property, including shares in jointly owned property
  • Claims to recover possession of property, including squatters and other trespass claims
  • Disputes concerning rights relating to property, e.g. rights of way
  • Boundary disputes
  • Issues relating to restrictive covenants
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes in relation to both residential and business property (please see our Landlord & Tenant page for further information).

It is unfortunately the case that disputes concerning wills arise quite frequently. Disputes can involve the following issues :-

  • The meaning of provisions in a will
  • The Testator’s capacity to make the will
  • Failure to comply with the formalities for making the will
  • Fraud or undue influence exercised upon the Testator

A claim may arise where a will or the disposition of an estate on intestacy fails to make reasonable financial provision for a spouse, partner, child or someone else for whom the deceased ought to have made provision.  Such claims are brought under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

For further advice about any dispute or difficulty involving any of the above issues, please call Christopher Hutson on 0208 993 6886 or complete our online enquiry form.