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Wills and Probate

We have an established specialisation in preparing Wills and dealing with Probate. 

Why make a Will? 

Making a Will is important. It enables you to say who exactly should benefit from your estate on your death.  If you do not make a Will, then your estate will be administered according to the intestacy laws, and may mean that members of your family or other people you wish to benefit will not do so, and that others you may not wish to inherit (including the Government) receive all or part of your estate.  Not making a Will can leave your family in considerable financial difficulty and uncertainty. 

If you make a Will, you can appoint people of your choice to act as your executors and provide who should receive your estate.  You can specify your funeral arrangements and with appropriate advice, save your estate from paying unnecessary tax. 

What is Probate? 

Probate is the process by which an application is made for a Grant of Probate, which enables the executors of a Will to get in and administer an estate, and the estate is subsequently administered.  If a person dies intestate (without having made a Will), the equivalent procedure is an application for a grant of Letters of Administration of the estate. 

We can assist you in preparing a Will and advising upon inheritance tax and other matters which are relevant to your estate.  If you wish, you can appoint us as your executors.  We are experienced in dealing with applications for Probate and Letters of Administration and in the administration of estates. 

For further advice and information, please contact our principal Mr Duncan Halliday on 0208 993 6886 or complete our online enquiry form.