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Business Incubation

Business Incubation

Business Incubators provide support, services, and facilities to accelerate the creation and growth of new ventures. While conventional incubators mainly offer discounted flexible workspace for small businesses and early-stage companies, our collaborative operating model and framework has enabled exciting new ways through which to support start-ups and entrepreneurs that’s proven to deliver the promise of prosperity through partnership.

How we’re different.

Your best alternative, bar none.

Fairchild Greig provides a highly tailored concierge service that caters to client needs from start to finish. We achieve this as a regulated licensed body, commonly known as an ‘alternative business structure’ or ABS, which allows us to blend regulated, unregulated and complimentary services (such as project management) while working collaboratively with other firms.

Working collaboratively with a league of specialists, lawyers and law firms—we can bring together and assemble tailored teams of legal (and related) experts to assist you when you are:-

Facing some of your most distressing challenges;

Needing to comply with complex regulatory matters; or

Looking for innovative ways to create value and wealth.

Please learn more about how we work together as #VirtuallyOne on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What we can do to help

Our legal and management experts work together in dedicated teams to provide tailored support, training and mentoring services to help entrepreneurial clients tale the concepts to success business start-ups and growing businesses. Whether its a humble and proven business idea, or a high-tech invention set to disrupt the marketplace–we’re here to help.

Principal person(s) to confide in;

Places and technical platforms to plug-in to;

People and professionals to work with;

Partnership frameworks to profit through;

Profit and project plans to work to.

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