>  Alternative Dispute Resolution, Case Management and Support for Litigants In Person

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Case Management and Support for Litigants In Person

“Since 1884, we’ve evolved from the cradle of the English legal system at Lincoln’s Inn into an innovative firm focused on widening public access to justice across England & Wales. We’re also proud to courageously stand against inevitable miscarriages of justice, wherever they may occur.”

Legal processes can often seem complex and intimidating. Our mission is to simplify these complexities by offering transparent explanations of judicial procedures and strategic options. We advocate for impartial, moderated discussions to avert litigation whenever possible. When court proceedings are unavoidable, we provide insightful guidance and proactive case management. Our expertise spans various courts in England & Wales, and we are expanding our reach through a network of affiliated practice partners and experts in other jurisdictions.

Why clients like working with us

Our commitment to sharing legal intelligence ensures affordable access to justice for all.

Knowledge is power, and we use it to clarify the legal process, discourage unnecessary litigation, and facilitate roundtable discussions for amicable dispute resolution. We demystify judicial laws and processes to empower informed decision-making. When required, we support litigants in person and provide both strategic and practical end-to-end assistance to counsel for effective research, development, and delivery of successful legal actions.

Global expertise

Primarily experienced across England & Wales, we collaborate with a wide range of direct access barristers, including experts in cross-jurisdictional cases and lawyers outside the UK.

What we can help you with

The following is a non-exhaustive list of typical tasks we undertake, adhering to the relevant Civil/Criminal Procedure Rules:

Drafting pre-action communications to encourage resolution before litigation.

Analysis of case files and documentation of case facts.

Strategic research & development of effective legal routes and arguments

Preparing for and attending Cost and Case Management Conferences.

Preparation of court papers such as particlars of claim, witness statements, etc.

Compilation of court bundles of exhibits for on/offline fiing and service.

Liaison with court fee and administration offices for smooth case progression.

End-to-end management of the case timeline, resources planning and deliverables.

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